Friday, April 24, 2009

Rule of Rules

Rules are meant to be boken.
Said someone.

Breaking the rules is also a rule, and can that be broken? Yes, by not breaking some rules.

You better not break the rule of love.
You better not break the rule of hate.

What's the rule of Love?
When you love some one, find faults in them. Because, if you don't, others will. And they might not be friendly towards your friend. Magnify your friend's faults. And show it to them, even if you run a risk of getting scolded at, make it a point to drive them to rectify the mistakes.

When you love someone, learn to stay quiet, at times. Learn to listen, learn to understand their slience, their pause. Learn to hear what they are not saying.

When you love someone, learn to appreciate the small wonders they do, the small but happy moments they create. Learn to know that it's not the main thing that how many big vacations you were together, but what is important is how much time you enjoyed being together.

When you love someone, have faith in faith. Have faith in your partner that they might fight with you, but will not cheat you. Learn how to Ask and not Accuse.

When you love someone, feel united. Learn to dream together, and realise them together. Learn to know how to share joy together, how to bear pain together.

And finally, when you love someone, be ready for sacrifices. "Nothing is troublesome which we do willingly" - said someone.

What is the rule of Hate?
When you hate someone, learn to appreciate the best points in your enemy. That will guard you against his best efforts and give you a chance to improve yourself with better qualities.

Learn from your enemy. Remember the lessons your opposition teach you.

Learn to see through your hate to the good qualities of your enemies. They might be good for you too.

Learn to forgive your enemy. Remember, just because you hate someone, that does not make that person automatically bad.

Learn to find out why you hate someone, and learn to be careful that you dont repeat those same acts, which made you to dislike someone else.